The Best Cotton Blanket for Coziness, Comfort, and Durability

Best cotton blanket for your bedroom

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Utopia Bedding Premium Cotton Blanket Queen Plum - Soft Breathable Thermal Blanket 350 GSM - Ideal for Layering Any Bed
  • Package contains one breathable cotton blanket queen/full sized of plum color
  • Dimensions and size of queen/full is 90 x 90 inches. Over sized to accommodate the natural shrinkage of cotton
  • Design and pattern is dobby weave with waffle square patterns, woven with 100% pure cotton
  • Weight and feel is medium to light which is perfect for all seasons
  • Easy care machine wash and dry, softens up with washing. Made from 100% natural materials and no harmful chemicals or synthetic materials are added

Why I LOVE this well made cotton blanket!

Every little bit of comfort helps when sleep doesn't come easily for you. 

Sleeplessness is just too common a problem for us older folks, and heaven knows, insomnia has been my unwanted friend for years now. If any one little aspect of my bedding falls out of whack, drifting off to dreamland just won't happen for me. (Melatonin and ASMR can only do so much!)

With a little research I found what I think of is the perfect blanket. It reminds me a lot of those kinda hairy, fuzzy cotton blankets punctuated with small holes I think we all had as kids. But it's so much better than that. This is the 21st century, after all, so the fuzz is gone, and the holes are precisely engineered to provide winter warmth yet stay cool in the summer.

Also, like many individuals on the spectrum, I have tactile sensitivities. Luckily this blanket doesn't turn my insides out like many modern velvety-type fabrics do.

So all things considered, I hope this Utopia cotton blanket serves you as well as it has me! Follwing are ten reasons why!

That waft of superheated air that poofs at your face upon opening a warmed up oven. Most Americans know that sensation increasingly well as our summers get hotter and hotter.

This cotton blanket is breathable. It has an open weave design that allows air to pass through so it doesn't feel suffocating.

Thus it stays cool as a cucumber in the open oven door blast of summertime heat!

  • You won't freeze

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By the same token, you will feel cozy and comfortable in this Utopia blanket. 

Thermal weaves provide warmth in the winter. Specifically, this blanket's pattern is dobby weave with waffle squares. Yes, it is an open weave for breathability, but the functional yet pretty design nevertheless promotes year-round comfort.

I love knowing I'm being enveloped within a natural fabric. According to the blanket's manufacturer, no harmful chemicals or synthetic materials are ever added for any purpose.

Additionally, cotton doesn't lend itself to the, well, squicky discomfort of certain fabrics experienced by certain touch-sensitive people - people like me who suffer from Sensory Processing Disorder.

I personally cannot stand to be within ten feet of velvet or any material, like velour or microfleece, that has anything near as like that velvety sensation. It makes my skin crawl, like nails on a chalkboard! So polyester blankets manufactured to provide that same velvet-like sensation lead only to fitful sleep for me.

I find nothing so discomfiting as that suffocating feeling when trying to stay cool yet covered in bed. The thin profile of this blanket helps keep me from panicking all night!

Despite not looking like it, the blanket has enough heft that it stays in place all night. Score! Making my bed up in the morning is a snap considering the blanket has hardly moved despite my tossing and turning!

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Simply machine wash and dry. The cotton fabric softens up with washing.

The standard queen sized bed is 60" x 80". This blanket, designated as it is for use with full or queen sized beds, measures 90" x 90". I think it speaks so well of its designer that the extra size was added on to account for how cotton shrinks in the wash!

  • Many colors and sizes are available

You can find this blanket in twin, full/queen and king sizes, and within each size is a variety of colors from which to choose. I love the plum color, but you could select beige, sage green, gray, white, or wedgewood (blue) if plum doesn't suit your bedroom decor.

Is there anything more awful than removing balefuls of lint and who-knows-what-else after tossing a blanket or other large item in the dryer? No concerns here.

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Users report that their blankets are durable enough to withstand any potential snagging from pets sleeping ontop of the blanket. I have a cat and have not had any problems, either. This is a sturdy blanket that I expect to enjoy for years to come!

In summary, I'd say the brand name "Utopia" for this cotton blanket is pretty accurate.

Look elsewhere if you require one of those thick, fuzzy blankets that can't easily transition from summer to winter use. But if you'd like a practical, easy-care, comfortable and breathable blanket, you can't go wrong with this terrific product!

Best Cotton Blanket - Experience comfort, coziness, durability and more!

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