Irresistible Hot Cherry Pillows and the 6 People Who Need Them in their Lives

Hot Cherry Pillows for cozy comfort

This review is for a product that was provided gratis. Opinions are our own.

Wintertime Blues? This hot cherry pillow provides sustainable relief and relaxation!

It’s early November here in the midwestern United States, and incredibly, our daytime highs are hovering very close to the upper 70s. Perhaps autumn, let alone winter, has decided to take a break this year.

Even so, I’m so thrilled to have discovered a wonderful product that provides simple, inexpensive, welcome WARM relief year round, but especially on those cold, crisp days of winter!

If an effective, yet simple and fun form of cozy, therapeutic comfort is what you need, let me introduce you to Hot Cherry Therapeutic Pillows.

Hot Cherry Therapeutic Pillow packaging

Hunchback of Notre Dang, My Back Hurts!

True story. Yesterday I spent most of the day hunched over my laptop at the dining room table. By the time I was done and ready to enjoy my evening, my upper and lower back both hurt so bad that I was moving about the house like an 80+ year old hunchback.

I knew ibuprofen would only go so far to grant me relief from my back pain. Having recently received my Hot Cherry Triple Square Pillow, I grabbed it and nuked it in the microwave as directed. Once nice and warm, I laid it out on my bed lengthwise so that it lay under my back. I then laid myself on top of it for moist warmth all up and down my upper body.

Hot Cherry Pill

Hot Cherry Triple Square Pillow on my head

The insides of the pillows are hard cherry pits – not gonna lie, they are hard underneath the plush ultrasuede fabric of the pillows. Even so, the warm pillows conformed perfectly to the contours of my back.

The warmth never got so hot as to feel like I was burning, but it did become just a bit too much after a few minutes, so I had to roll off of the pillow. The relief was so welcome. This morning, I was able to carry loads of laundry up and down the basement steps with no problem!

It’s the Pits! Hot Cherry Pillow pits 

The secret to the benefits of the Hot Cherry Pillow lies within its filling.

Delicious Aroma of Cherry Pie

Delicious Aroma of Cherry Pie

Everyone loves the aroma of cherries, and these warmed up pillows do emit a faint but pleasant scent of cherry pie. This is because the filling is comprised of cherry pits!

The manufacturer states, “Our cherry pits are a by-product of Michigan tart cherry industry that would otherwise go to a landfill, and they are cleaned and dried with a patented process, without chemicals.” These pillows are ecological, sustainable, and recycled to boot!

The Benefits

Given the simple features of the amazing line of Hot Cherry Pillows, their benefits are many:

  • They smell great
  • They can be warmed up quickly in the microwave (4 minutes in a 1000 watt oven)
  • They provide a moist heat, like a cozy bath
  • Alternatively, they can be chilled in the freezer for those who need RICE therapy (rest, ice, compression, elevation)
  • They are machine washable (ever tried washing a sock filled with rice? No bueno!)
  • You can bend them, twist them and lie down on them (not recommended with electric pillows)
  • They conform to your body
  • They enhance circulation, muscle relaxation and mood
  • They’re made by a woman-owned “mom and pop” company right here in the USA
Hot Cherry Pillows Made in the USA

Hot Cherry Pillows Made in the USA

The Drawbacks

I really couldn’t find anything unlikable about my Hot Cherry pillow. The pits are hard. However, at maybe 0.25 or so inches in diameter, and not packed in tightly into their encasements, they manage to conform well to the body.

It was also noticeable that the warmth diminished significantly after about 20-25 minutes. The manufacturer notes, however, that kept in a bed with insulation, like a down comforter, helps them stay warm all night long!

A Great Gift Idea for Pretty Much Everybody

Beautiful Gift Packaging for Triple Square Pillow

Triple Square Pillows make fantastic gifts!

  • Parents of Infants - Any Hot Cherry Pillow would be fantastic for new parents in colder climes. We can’t put warm, heavy blankets in cribs with infants, and onesies are only so warm.

Why not heat up a pillow for two minutes in the microwave, then place it in the crib for 20 minutes or so before baby gets put to sleep? Be sure to remove the pillow first, and test the warmth of the crib mattress first with your hand before setting baby on top of it.

  • Teens (or anyone) Hunched Over Their Phones – Do an experiment for me. Sit comfortably at a chair, holding your cell phone in front of you. Set an alarm for ten minutes. Catch up on Facebook or a news article on your phone, and once the time is up, move your head back. How far forward did you have it? Did your neck feel misaligned?

The moist heat of the Hot Cherry Pillow can help alleviate that “forward neck thrust” pain when wrapped around the neck and upper back. It sure helped my old body as I sat hunched over my laptop!

  • Athletes – The perfect temperature therapy whether you require cold or heat for soreness relief! Forget the "burn" or wetness of traditional ice packs and enjoy real relief from tired muscles and joints.

Comfort and Relief for Athletes
  • Manual Laborers – Keep muscle soreness at bay with the moist heat provided by these pillows, which can also be made to conform to virtually any major part of the body

  • Menstruating Women and Girls – Most women suffering from “the curse” find immeasurable relief from sustained warmth on their lower backs. Uniquely, with the Hot Cherry Pillow, it’s just fine to lie down on them or sit against them for cozy comfort and relief from cramps.

  • Postmenopausal Women – At this stage in life it can be difficult to maintain a comfortable body temperature. Hot flashes and night sweats are just a part of life for us! Under the circumstances, women like me definitely want to keep our beds ice cold, but that’s miserable to try to fall asleep in.

As a woman of a certain age, I happily use the Hot Cherry Pillow to warm up my bed when I first lie down in it. It keeps me warm enough to fall asleep. The warmth gradually wears off over the course of the evening, so by the time a hot flash hits, my bed is comfy cool again. Winner!

Warm comfort where and when needed

Warm comfort where and when needed

In Review

I hope you will take advantage of the amazing versatility and sustainability offered by Hot Cherry Therapeutic Pillows and their array of products, including specialty pillows designed for the eyes and neck. Experience one or more for yourself, then get some for your entire family. It’s hard to think of an affordable gift that will not only be much used, but much appreciated. These cozy comfort pillows may be the pits, but they’re the pits of the most awesome kind!

The manufacturer advises customers to check with your health practitioner before use if you are pregnant, suffer from diabetes, or have a heart-related disorder. Do not use heat therapy on open wounds, bruising, or other skin conditions. Do not put a heated Hot Cherry pillow on people who cannot move them off if the pillow is too hot, such as infants, the elderly or disabled.

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27 thoughts on “Irresistible Hot Cherry Pillows and the 6 People Who Need Them in their Lives”

  1. What a great idea! I love products that use organic materials that naturally retain temperature for a sufficient time. And then to also be machine washable, how perfect!

  2. I would seriously love to receive one of these pillows as a Christmas gift. I have definitely never heard of this before and am now very intrigued to try it!

  3. I’ve heard of lavender pillows, but never cherry ones! How interesting. I love heating up a heat pad that also smells relaxing. These hot cherry pillows would make great gifts!

  4. I never heard of this! It sounds awesome! I’m pretty well endowed in the chest area, my upper back definitely bothers me sometimes from them. I am definitely interested in this but I’m afraid I’d be hungry while using it 😂 lol.

  5. I have one of these! Yes! It works great! I was also given (20 years ago when my oldest son was a newborn) a teddy bear filled with cherry pits to microwave and place next to my son in his crib for warmth. It was a favorite! You can also freeze it if you need a cold pack!

  6. Suzan | It's My Sustainable Life

    Interesting! I make eye pillows filled with lavender & flax that can be warmed. I think they may be a bit more comfortable than cherry pits, but would love to give it a try!

  7. I have definitely not heard of these before, but they sound amazing!! May need to pick up a couple for my daughters and their miseries! Lol

  8. I’ve had lower back pain for the past 2 years and the only solution is usually a warm pad which isn’t the most comfortable of options. This seems like something that would work perfectly for me!

  9. How unique! I love that they are using something…cherry pits…that would otherwise be thrown away. They sound amazing!

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