Sizzling Hot in Bed? Five Keep Cool Bedding Must Haves

Sizzling Hot in Bed? Five Keep Cool Bedding Must Haves

Who else is tired of waking up in a pool of their own sweat? Night sweats, hot flashes and the odd panic attack can lead to some not-so-fun times in the bedroom. 

Staying chill in bed is about more than keeping the thermostat at a polar -10 degrees F. You needn't attempt to sleep buck naked (unless you want to). Keep your ice cubes in your martini. Neck-cooling buzz cuts look trendy and edgy on women, but hairdressers need love, and recurring income, too.

"Keep Cool Bedding" to the rescue.

Yes, Virginia, you can sleep blissfully and comfortably COOL all night long. Even with clothes and long hair.

Let's discuss the various components of your bedding and find some bomb Keep Cool Bedding alternatives for those times the night sweats, hot flashes and just plain being alive during Global Warming aren't helping. 
No More Hot Nights - Keep Cool Bedding

Below, I list the best of five essential items to stay cool in bed. Each bedding element is important, both on its own -and- as part of your entire bedding ensemble.

Pick up one or all of the following must have "Keep Cool Bedding" items and I promise, you'll remain your usual sultry, sizzling self for many years to come. But in a good way!

As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a small commission upon the purchase of any of these items. Thank you for your support!

Keep Cool Bedding Mattress Pad

A good mattress pad keeps your body off contact with your mattress, which allows you to prevent mattress heat issues. Keeping your mattress spill and stain free is great, and mattress pads allow you to adjust for the specific firmness you want. Mattress pads are cheaper to replace than mattresses, to boot. This Pillow Top version comes with a cool Down Alternative Fill.  “I live in Florida and have hot flashes. This pad is awesome for me. I highly recommend!” 

Keep Cool Bedding Mattress Protector

Your innermost bamboo layer for breezy comfort, your mattress and its pad are kept spotless thanks to this hypoallergenic, waterproof protector. "The bamboo mattress protector is made of great quality materials, I love that it has a cotton and terry top. It fits perfectly on top of my mattress and it does allow room for a 3" mattress topper to go underneath. This was perfect to cover both."

Keep Cool Bedding Bamboo Sheet Set

We're sticking with bamboo for a reason. It's better than cotton at keeping you comfortably cool at night, and it feels amazing! This bedding set is available in 12 colors, so you won't have any trouble matching your bed covers. A review noted these sheets are “so light and yet they are like those weighted linens that are so popular (and expensive) these days. Cooler, softer and more luxurious feeling than cotton.” 

Keep Cool Bedding Pillow Set

Everyone knows you lose heat from your head. Help expedite the heat loss with this set of two memory foam bed pillows with bamboo hypoallergenic covers. As with the rest of the Keep Cool Bedding, bamboo is better than cotton at keeping you comfortably cool at night! Remember that with memory foam, it's important to follow manufacturer's instructions to get pillows to their natural soft and fluffy state!

Keep Cool Bedding Cooling Blanket

When you need a bit of weight to sleep comfortably, but can't handle an extra degree of heat, these are your best bet in blankets! As you would expect, these blankets are made of sweet, chill bamboo. It's not suitable for colder days unless you're a Himalayan snowman of a certain abomination. For the rest of us, for a great winter blanket that won't overheat you, I'd stick with my lightweight yet luxurious cotton blanket recommendation.

I couldn't go without throwing in a couple of great "honorable mentions." These 21st century bedding solutions can easily enhance your Keep Cool Bedding experience. They might be just the ticket for you to transform your good night's sleep into a great one!

Reversible Mattress Pad 

“We have back/headaches almost every morning. I ordered this mattress pad in hopes of making our futon more comfortable. I wasn't expecting a huge change ... but I got one! We have slept the last few nights with this pad and we fall asleep faster, stay asleep, and wake up rested and without pain." With fleece on the "winter" side of the pad, you're all set for a whole year's worth of night time comfort. I LOVE this versatile four-season mattress pad!

21st Century App Technology - Ooler Sleep System 

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The Ooler Sleep System takes advantage of 21st century app technology, which all0ws you to set the temperature of your mattress pad anywhere from 55 - 115 degrees F. This feat is accomplished via water that circulates throughout the pad. Genius, I say! This is a pricey system to be sure; the model displayed here is a refurbished, like-new model. “I am a hot sleeper on a memory foam mattress who used to wake up soaked in sweat. Not anymore with Ooler. My nights are cool and dry," says one reviewer who finds this system worth every penny!

In my house, in addition to special items for the bed itself, we take advantage of oscillating fans and programmable thermostats to stay sweat-free in bed all year round. Ahhh...

I hope this list of Keep Cool Bedding will help you and your bedmate do just that. Let me know in the comments what works for you to keep things not-so-hot in your bedroom!   😉

Sizzling Hot in Bed? Five Keep Cool Bedding Must Haves

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26 thoughts on “Sizzling Hot in Bed? Five Keep Cool Bedding Must Haves”

  1. Some great ideas! I already have the pillows… maybe the mattress pad will be my next purchase! Hubby got me a new fan for our anniversary (ha!), so I’m in heaven right now!

  2. Great products.. I am going to be checking these out! We have been over 110° for over 40 days this year and at night we have been in the 90’s.. so we need something!

  3. I will have to try these. I have been sweating at night lately and it is miserable to wake up like that. Thanks!

  4. My husband & I are complete opposites. He gets so hot and kicks all the blankets off, while I am wrapped in the blankets like a burrito! He has switched to the bamboo pillows and loves them.

  5. I’ve actually been waking up in the middle of the night throwing off the blankets lately, so this will come in handy.

  6. Great post!! I tend to get very hot during “that time” of the month and we will be moving soon so I’ll be buying fresh things for the new home! I will definitely come back and try some of these bed cooling products! I live in Florida too so this time of year the heat is a bit rough, definitely needed if you live in warm climate!

  7. I’m too young for hot flashes but I get them like crazy after having my 2nd child. I have cooling pillows, pillow sheets and a cooling blanket!! These are all a must!

  8. We’ve invested on a good bedding sheets/pillows and it’s so worth it! I’m going to check that bamboo sheets. That’s new to me. Thanks for sharing.

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