Cool Reading Pillows for Your Student – and Their Stuff

Reading Pillows for Students & Their Stuff
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It’s almost Back to School time as I sit down today in early August. Like many of you, however, I'm not shopping for clothes, pencils or protractors - rather, I'm pondering reading pillows.

This is the Year of Our COVID 2020, after all, which means schoolkids are likely going to be stuck indefinitely at home, learning remotely.

With virtual schooling stretching into this upcoming schoolyear, you probably have desks set up in your kids’ rooms for them to study on. Did you anticipate all the crap that would be invariably lodged on top of them though?

messy desk

The seventh circle of hell? Or just another room at home? 🙂

Now, I’m the mother of two teenage kids. One has been attending college already; the other has one more year of high school to go. So I live this.

My son is all into gaming. He has a large monitor, keyboard, and separate laptop going full time on his desk, along with the empty candy wrappers and other trash that I would dispose of myself if I could enter that far into his bedroom. He has helpfully blazed a path through his room all the way to his desk, but I still fear he will eat the popcorn I place on the trail to find my way back out again.

Messy Desk Surface

My daughter, the child in high school, keeps her laptop… somewhere… but in the meantime covers her desk with infinite books, pamphlets, post-its, drawings and papers. As far as I know, the provenance and importance of these items remain unknown.

For added excitement, dear daughter keeps a couple of parakeets who do their business on (and in the case of the young nesting bird, IN) the desk as they please.

So child bedroom desks, while in theory useful and decorative, have become entirely dysfunctional in this household.

Student at her bed

Not a comfortable way to study for too long

Fall semester is coming up, however, and with the need to figure out an alternative to the workaday desk, the best I could figure was to get my students comfy in their beds for studying and reading. Their beds, after all, remain clutter- and birdpoop-free.

Enter the best reading pillows money can buy! I wanted something to make the kids, and even their stuff, super comfy. Anything to get them learning despite the unfortunate circumstances of today.

Plus, I write about this R&R thing. Rest and relaxation are the best reward for a great day of deep thinking. 

So without further ado, I bring you Amazon’s best reading pillows - for your student, and for their stuff!

Three Cool Reading Pillows for Your Student

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Don't let the word "orthopedic" scare you. This adjustable memory foam pillow will not only provide comfort while reading, but should anyone care to elevate legs, it's there for you. You can even fight GERD (acid reflux) by adjusting it slightly. I'd recommend one for you, one for your child! 

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Washability is key given the population we're talking about - butterfingered young adults - and this cushion with an easily unzipped cover delivers. I love how the neck bolster is moveable and detachable for extra neck and back comfort. 8 colors to choose from!

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This attractive reading cushion looks more like a Martha Stewart decor piece than a grubby dorm student afterthought! It's practical function isn't forgotten - it has pockets for phones and other little things, and it's cover, available in 15 colors, is washable!

Three Cool Pillows - for Their Stuff!

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Destined for travel as well as home or dorm use - this pillow delivers! It even shapes itself to the contour of the surface upon which it rests - which is probably a lap, not a desk. Stain resistant, it has a handy storage pocket - and it even doubles as a travel pillow when you're done with it on your lap. Genius! 

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Soft, and an excellent choice if your books are more likely to be found on an iPad or Kindle than on paper and spine. Turn the cushion and place your tablet or book at the angle that suits you best. It rotates to 3 different viewing angles, so you can take advantage of various reading positions and light changes. Washable!

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Because sometimes, what your student needs is truly a good sturdy laptop surface, not just something soft and cuddly. I love how this laptop lap desk (lap laptop desk?) is equipped with an ergonomic wristpad and phone or tablet holder. Lightweight, the desklet's cushion upon which it sits conforms to your lap in comfort.

Add a good lighting system - I LOVE this rechargeable number that wraps comfortably around your neck and lets you choose the brightness level you want -  and your students are all set on their path towards the Honor Roll! No popcorn needed!

How are you setting up your child's at-home studying scenario in these plague-ridden days? Let me know in the comments!

Cool Reading Pillows for your Student - and Their Stuff

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27 thoughts on “Cool Reading Pillows for Your Student – and Their Stuff”

  1. This is the most interesting and practical back-to-school post I’ve seen for this crazy upcoming year. And I could use one of these pillows myself to do my work.

  2. What a great idea! I used to have reading pillows when I was in college (several ahem years ago) and this is just perfect for my grandkids who will be home doing their stuff. Thanks for this post…I might just have to invest in one for me as well. I am excited about this.

  3. Wow… those reading pillows look great for my kids… buuuut. I think I want them for MYSELF!!! LOL! They look awesome and I love reading in bed before I fall asleep. I may have to get one for the family and we can all fight over it. 😉 Great post with distance learning coming up. We are getting our rooms organized so each kid has a clean, designated work space.

  4. Suzan | It's My Sustainable Life

    My daughter never used her desk either. As a grad student, she still doesn’t 🙂 Great options for comfort!

  5. These are great products. We actually have a couple of them because the discomfort we were experiencing while doing at home school work and even reading time.

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