Seven Best Air Mattresses for Camping

best air mattresses for camping

We compare seven terrific air mattresses so you can get a great night's sleep wherever you are

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Everyone loves to refresh and rejuvenate in the great outdoors. Why not breathe in some toasty campfire air and bask in Mother Nature's glory knowing you'll be sleeping upon one of these top rated airbeds!

Each featured air mattress listed is queen sized for easy comparison shopping.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you for your support!

Best Value


  • WIRELESS PUMP! Pump has multiple charging possibilities (wireless, car charger, plug in)  
  • Two year warranty
  • Feels like sleeping on a "real" mattress
  • Highly rated "Old School" customer service
  • Inflates in as little as 90 seconds


  • Vent closure; user has to quickly close off the air intake manually to avoid rapid loss of air pressure within the mattress


For overall superiority at an attractive price, you'd be wise to check out the EnerPlex. Weighing under 20 pounds and inflating in less than two minutes, the air mattress is a no-brainer for stress-free camping on or off the trail.

You can't go wrong with the pump's wireless technology - the only one of its kind on this list. Should you encounter any problems, you'll benefit from the company's acclaimed customer service. 

Lightest Weight


  • 6.5 pounds 
  • Storage bag included
  • Affordably priced


  • No pump included
  • Above average tendency to leak


Intex is a well-known purveyor of air mattresses. They keep the price -and- weight right on this product, perhaps because it includes no air pump. But you have a dozen of those squirreled away in your home, right?

No frills may be part of this very affordable bed set up, but that's okay when you need outdoor gear you can beat up that won't also take a beating on your wallet.

Most Luxurious


  • Pump offers automatic shut-off options (Plush, Medium, Firm) 
  • A secondary pump system protects the mattress from punctures and sags 
  •  Transported within its own compact, wheeled duffel bag
  •  Two year warranty


  • Priciest and heaviest air mattress system by far
  • Mattress cannot be removed from frame
  • Weight limit is a relatively light 450 pounds


We can't all hike for miles to find that tucked away, tranquil valley ideal for isolated camping bliss. Busy schedules often call for setting up camp amongst the riffraff in a tired parking lot on the fringes of a barely ex-urban state park.

 Should this scenario comprise the bulk of your outdoor endeavors, relax. You can still rise above the unwashed masses and feel like true camping royalty when you load up the SUV hatch with this innovative Ivation airbed masterpiece, coming as it does attached to its own frame and "comfort pump," even. Here's to glamping!

Best for Staying Warm


  • Flocking keeps sleepers warm and bedding intact 
  • Built-in pump
  •  If electrical power is not available then a conventional foot or manually operated air pump can be connected to the air passage for inflation
  • Inflates in less than five minutes


  • Bottom may not lay completely flat if overpumped 
  • Warranty is only 90 days


This Intex product offers a perfect balance of affordability and luxury. It shares many of the same features as the King Koil mattress at nearly half the price.

Best for Incidental Leaks


  • Flocking keeps sleepers warm and bedding intact 
  • Built-in pump
  • Patch kit included
  • Inflates in about two minutes
  • Phenomenal customer service 


  • Baffles make something of a popping sound as you change position
  • Pricier than other similarly-kitted out air mattresses


Although twice as costly as the Intex Comfort Plush for similar quality, the King Koil gets raves because of its "no questions, no hassle" customer service (Remember, all beds will get to leakin' sooner or later). One reviewer noted that his replacement bed arrived in two days!

King Koil also boasts an endorsement from the International Chiropractors Association for creating airbeds that "help promote proper spinal alignment and a healthier night's sleep." How can you put a price tag on that?

Best Budget Alternative


  • Two inflatable pillows included with mattress
  • Manual pump included
  • Flocked surface provides a degree of warmth


  • No storage bag included
  • Can be exhausting and time consuming to manually pump everything


At less than $40.00 yet weighing just over 11 pounds, this air mattress provides not only Intex quality at a great price, it also facilitates a great workout wherever you happen to be.

Some folks like to wear themselves out just prior to bedtime. With the manual pump provided - which, let's face it, is a feature, not a bug, out in the offline wilderness -  you'll be ready to slumber in no time! 

Great for Tall Campers


  • 90" Long
  • Extended warranty available (up to 30 months)
  • Two patches included
  • Built-in pillows


  • Built-in pillows
  • Must register on company website for extended warranty


First, let's emphasize that this is a great product for all y'all tall people. At 90" in length, it's a full 10" longer than standard queen size airbeds. Score!

What this extra length (and more) is taken up with, however, is pillows built in to the mattress itself. This "feature" may or may not be an advantage to you based on your sleeping habits. If you sleep on your belly, or on your side with your arm extended under your pillow, you may want to look elsewhere for your ideal air mattress.


Important considerations when you purchase an air mattress:

  • Given the high rate of brand new mattresses presenting with leaks or rips, be sure to try your new air mattress out right away so you can return it while under warranty. 
  • Keep the box and manufacturer's pamphlet(s) on hand to facilitate returns. 
  • Carefully read the inflation and use instructions. You will probably be directed to inflate the mattress, wait a few minutes, then inflate it again. This is due to the stretchiness of the material. You also need to be conscientious of the possibility that over inflation may cause the mattress to explode.

7 Best Air Mattresses for Camping, Based on Your Needs!

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