10 Fun Bargain Starter Kits for New Hobbyists

10 Fun Bargain Starter Kits for New Hobbyists

There's so much happiness in taking up a good hobby! Who knew? 

Time Well Spent

It should go without saying that practicing a new hobby can be inherently rewarding. Brain chemicals associated with happiness are released when you take up a stimulating pastime. 

While away quarantine, or any, hours selecting just the right hue for your Parisian springtime masterpiece. Mix the perfect blend of fragrance for your one-of-a-kind bath b*mbs. Spending time doing these simple activities with a loved one only magnifies the enjoyment!

Why Starter Kits?

I love starter kits for virtually any new skill I consider taking up. They're not generally top quality, but they tend to be quite inexpensive.

fun starter kits
If I think I might enjoy creating a custom wedge of cheddar of my own, I can have fun trying to make it.

If I decide I don't enjoy it as much as I'd hoped, oh well. And hey - cheddar.

 If I do dig it, I can always upgrade materials and/or ingredients later. Perfect!

Simply scroll down the list, click on your favorite, grab a comprehensive starter kit and get those brain chemicals a-juicin'!

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Camping, hiking and overall survival skills


  • More stuff than you'd think you'd ever need  
  • Yet the size is only 8” x 6.5” x 6”
  • Lightweight and easy to carry 
  • Keep in the car for long-distance road trips


  • Everything is packed tight; some items may not be easily accessible 
  • Outdoor skills must be learned elsewhere

Itching to get out? At this low price, you'll want to toss a kit in every vehicle. Some users note the low quality of items like the utensil set. Keep in mind, however, the entire point is to survive another day; we're not trying to impress Martha Stewart here! 



  • More stuff than you'd think you'd ever need  
  • Acrylics are the medium with the flattest learning curve
  • Compact and portable; the box becomes the easel!


  • Brushes could be better quality; hair tends to shed 
  • No instruction guide included 

My in-home professional artist (my daughter, Holly) recommends acrylics over other media like watercolors or oils because they require no potentially difficult techniques to learn. You just slap your bad boy canvas with some paint and you're good! With 48 large paint tubes, and a color wheel to help create additional hues, you won't run out of shades to paint, but if you take to it, you'd do well to invest in some better quality brushes.  

Growing things


  • Grown in the USA 
  • Includes specimens most likely to grow (highest germination rates)
  • Extra seeds included (for when your green thumb is still in its development stage)


  • Must follow instructions to a "T." 
  • Fungus growth reported; watch watering patterns

Is there anything as rewarding as growing a virtual nothingburger into something truly elegant?  I love a beautiful bonsai tree. Indoor plant growth can be tricky, however. Many users report that they need to do extra research to nurture the seedlings properly and avoid mold growth.   

Candle making


  • Only top quality fragrances sourced; 
  • 100% organic beeswax
  • The candle tins make lovely décor items on their own


  • Instructions unclear 
  • Some fragrance oils in kit were leaking; labels rendered illegible

Like other kits, this one has everything you need to create candles, yet none of the materials used to make them is terribly extravagant in quality in case you figure when it's all said and done that it's not for you.

Jewelry making


  • Make over 25 beautiful pieces of custom jewelry 
  • Jewelry organizer included
  • Pliers and wires included


  • Some beads comprised of plastic (not glass)
  • Do not keep around youngsters under 3 (choking hazards)
  • Guidebook vague

Ladies tend to have more advanced fine motor skills than the gents, but I know lots of guys who love creating wearable art just the same! This beginner's kit would make a wonderful gift for a young teen and mom to spend memorable hours together crafting and chatting.

Wine making


  • Enough ingredients and supplies for 1 gallon 
  • Supplies and equipment assembled by hand in the USA
  • Can purchase recipe kits for future winemaking without purchasing an entire new kit


  • You will have to re-use corked wine bottles to bottle your wine (oh, darn)
  • No cost savings; wine produced from the kit costs the same as purchased bottled wine
  • Instructions unclear

Ooh la la! Is there anything sexier than two soulmates spending time together week after week to produce wine in the comfort of their own home -- and then enjoying it with a delicious home-cooked dinner? 

Cheese making


  • DVD included to help make the process EXTRA CLEAR
  • MADE IN THE USA - Recycled packaging - Non-GMO
  • Your milk turns into preservative-free cheese in less than an hour


  • Cannot readily do lactose-free
  • "Not as easy as it looks"

Travel the culinary world in your very own kitchen making your own high quality Feta, Mozzarella, Halloumi, Burrata, Ricotta, Monterey Jack, Chèvre, Goat Cheese, Cheese Curds, Cream Cheese, Butter, Cultured Butter, Queso Blanco, Queso Fresca and Marscapone! An especially wonderful accompaniment to your homemade wine!

Creating bath b*mbs


  • 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
  •  Recipes and aromatherapy guide included
  • Magnesium-rich epsom salts included


  • Molds not included
  • Can take 2+ days to cure
  • Essential oils leak

Become a "Leave Me To Dream" expert executive, assembling bath b*mbs for the ultimate in indoor relaxation! Use molds you already have in your kitchen such as mini muffin tins and get creative (they don't have to look like - well - b*mbs). Another fun mother-daughter activity putting these together!

Becoming (even more) beautiful


  • Completely customize your facial mask 
  • 32 collagen pills included
  • Your mask is ready in only a few minutes


  • Ingredients (than collagen) must be purchased separately
  • Instructions small and hard to read
  • Talking machine can get annoying


Women of a certain age tend to get skin that's dry here and still a little oily there, so it makes sense for us to put together masks that will conform to these ever-changing variations. Videos are available on the Amazon product page if you need to watch a video to help clarify the process.

Making magical music


  • Beautiful design
  • Great easy-to-learn starter instrument
  • Full bodied sound with or without amplification


  • Look elsewhere to learn how to actually play music on it

My daughter picked up a cheap ukulele as a pre-teen and before a year or two had passed, she could play it flawlessly behind her back, holding it over her head! (I can prove it; I have it on video) For a few bucks more she could have had this very appealing version, loaded with all the usual accessories so you can have fun on your journey to full musical proficiency.

Which hobby would bring you the most happiness? Let me know in the comments, and pick up a kit today for yourself -and- for those your love!

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  1. How fun to have all this information in one place to pick and choose. I was a little overwhelmed but intrigued with so many of the ideas. Thanks for putting this together – it was fun to dream!

  2. These look so fun! I haven’t really looked into too many starter kits for things, but these look like really fun skills and activities too. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow! Amazing amount of info here! I like to watercolor and play the guitar. My friend Dave is 77. He started a model airplane kit a month ago. I thought model airplanes were for kids, but he had to mold pieces to the right shapes – very involved!

  4. This is a great post for someone who is looking to try something new! Everything in one place… and the pros and cons!

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