Worry Free Teen Driving for the 21st Century

Teens Staying Safe on the Road

As parents, we spend our entire lives stressing about our children. Is there any bigger worry than when our teens start driving?

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Worried Dad with Teen Driver

The teen driver.

I recall my teen years fondly, except for one thing: the adventures of learning to drive. The mere thought of driving was treacherous enough when I hadn't hit adulthood yet:

  • I had undiagnosed ADHD at the time (primarily inattentive)
  • I had a not-quite-fully-matured teenage brain
  • My car was several years old and had had questionable maintenance
  • I was excited to experience a newfound sense of freedom
  • I loved auto racing and fancied myself the next Mario Andretti (Maria Andretti, as it were)
ADHD and Racecars

Like many youth, I was hardly immune to these deleterious effects. Not unexpectedly, I got into enough accidents that, to this day, I dare not even count them up!

Unluckily for us 21st Century parents, ADHD is on the increase

It's tough to fathom that 10% of youth these days are driven to distraction. Moreover, of course, modern-day tech like cell phones only add to the numerous objects demanding attention of all but the most disciplined teens (and adults)!

Increase of ADHD Reported Among Parents

Bouncie to the Rescue

As a 21st century parent (whose own driving has improved tremendously over the years, thankyouverymuch!), I was so thrilled to learn of the Bouncie

Bouncie Safe Driving Device

This tiny device plugs into what's known as your vehicle's OBD port and allows you to spy, benevolently, on your driver. The details are delivered wirelessly to the mobile phone, tablet, laptop and/or desktop of your choice.

The Spy Who Loved Me

As a parent who loves their teen, you will geek to all the information available to Bouncie spies! Learn your child's:

  • Maximum speed
  • Average speed
  • Distance Driven/Time/Idle Time
  • Rapid Acceleration/Hard Braking
  • Trip history
  • Vehicle location (updated every 15 seconds)
  • Vehicle routes

It's All About the Safety, Folks

Advanced sensors and software immediately detect vehicle accidents and provide all the critical details, like exact location, needed for an effective response. Anytime a vehicle accident has been detected, Bouncie will automatically send an SMS text message to the notification contacts you set up.

Roadside Assistance Included

Just need some roadside assistance? When the unexpected happens, the folks at Bouncie send help directly to your child - fuel, lock-out, battery, flats, and towing is provided at no extra cost. It's such a relief to know help is just a tap away even if you are not.

Diagnostics for the Win

I can barely keep up with my own vehicle's maintenance schedule. It's all I can do to remind my kids for the umpteenth time to get their oil changed! 

Keeping You and Your Car Running

Bouncie continually monitors your vehicle’s health and alerts you when something demands attention. Anytime a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is reported by your teen's vehicle, the device alerts you and provides a simple description of the issue. It brings such peace of mind to ensure the little things are taken care of before they become big problems.

But what if my teen's car is older than he is?

Bouncie works on almost all vehicles 1996 or newer! I tested my daughter's 2004 European sedan, and it was fully compatible with the system. Simply enter your vehicle's year, make and model in the manufacturer's website to ascertain compatibility.

How does Bouncie compare with other tracking devices?

Worry Free Teen Driving

Bouncie has an average 4.5 stars on Google and 4.9 on Apple. The team is easy to communicate with and offers free 2-3 Day Shipping and a 45 Day Guarantee. Pricing couldn't be simpler: you'll pay a surprisingly affordable fee for the device itself, and a very low monthly subscription fee - roughly the price of an extra value meal. That's it! There are no contracts or obligations whatsoever.

Got several teen drivers?

Elderly parent drivers?

A business fleet?

Keep ALL your team safe. Bouncie offers generous discounts for 3 or more activations. 

Bouncie for Peace of Mind

Look, I get it. You probably have a tracker on your phone and can locate your children that way most of the time. Your teens will say installing a spy device in their car is "creepy". (I know this because my teen daughter is giving me her own opinion!) 

If your teens are sketched out by the idea, let them know it's because you love them and want a way to help them even when you can't be right there with them at all times. Why not tie in a motivational tool to entice them? A suitable reward might be a pizza and family game night if your child refrains from jackrabbit starts for an entire month.

Peace of Mind is its own Reward!

Rewards for All

As a former teacher, I like to especially recommend random, unexpected rewards: "Susan, I noticed you stayed within the speed limit each time you drove to school last week. You should be proud of yourself. Let's go get our nails done!"

At the end of the day, you're the parent, after all. No one wants to be a helicopter mom or dad when these years are all about giving our children roots -and- wings.

No Worries!

Hey, you have enough to worry about! There should be no guilt taking one major preoccupation off your plate. I recommend Bouncie for this reason.

This is truly a win-win device for everyone. Parents, let me know in the comments how you motivate your teen to drive safely. Then visit the manufacturer's website and grab one for your teen -and yourself - today!

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